Parking w/ S300


I am wondering how to best set up a simple Park group to just place a call on Park that can be picked up anywhere. Now, I know that the S400 and up have Phone Apps, and when I go to Parking App, I can see the parked calls and answer one. On the S300, there are no phone apps.

On both of them, all I need is a Park button to put a call in the next available slot (default lot 70). Then a button to pick up. But, on the S300 with only 2 line keys and 4 soft keys, how can I do this? I see I can set a Line Key to Parking or a BLF, but would the BLF only be the first slot number (71? or whatever I set it)?

Thanks all.

To park a call on any of the model you would setup button type of Park as you thought above. As far as seeing parked calls on the s300 you can’t as you don’t have buttons available to either setup as a phone app or buttons to setup BLF to each slot number such as 71.

The S300 is a real basic phone with no real buttons to program things with.