Parking Timeout of 0 not retained when restoring FreePBX Backups

We’re trying to set the Parking Timeout of the Parking module to 0 (no timeout) and experiencing some all around weird behavior.

First, the FreePBX portal won’t properly apply a timeout value of ‘0’ unless ‘00’ is entered. Entering simply ‘0’ will cause FreePBX to revert to the default timeout of 45.

If ‘00’ is used, the value is properly set to 0 and asterisk behaves as expected (no timeout on parking).

Second and more importantly: Once the Parking Timeout is set to 0 via entering 00, taking a FreePBX backup will show a timeout of 0 in the res_parking_additional.conf file inside the backup tar.gz, but when that backup is restored FreePBX is setting the Parking Timeout back to the default 45 instead of retaining the value 0.

Is this intentional behavior? I understand having no timeout could be problematic, but clearly asterisk supports it so I figured FreePBX would handle it properly as well.

Sounds like maybe you’ve discovered a bug.

Bugs are better reported to Sangoma right here: System Dashboard - Sangoma Issue Tracker

Thanks, just opened a proper ticket.

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