Parking slot announcement gone?

It used to be that when you parked a call the system would announce to the person parking it what slot it was placed in. This doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Is this by design? Has this become a commercial feature now?

No that feature still exist and no it not part of any commercial add on. We would never take a feature that exist and move it to a paid add on.

How are you parking the caller?

As tony asked I would see how you are parking.

If you your lots are 71-79 and you park with #70 it should announce
If you park #71 (call holding on Green line or some jazz) it won’t announce it is assumed you are aware since you picked the slot.
To be more helpful you may wish to provide a call trace. so we can see what the call is doing on your system

I have noticed in the older versions FreePBX 2.11 - , there would be an announcement no matter what.

In newer versions, 12+ , there has been no announcement if the call goes into the first slot (i.e. 71), but would start announcing on the second slot.

You might be surprised to know that this is one of the few areas that freepbx has no control over. Parking dialplan is all written in c.

Yes I am surprised. You can’t take the source code itself and mold it to your desire like what was done with a fork of CentOS?

What does a fork of CentOS have anything to do with using a built in C module in asterisk called app_park that handles all the logic in C around park and announce. Sure we could modify it but for what purpose. It works as its designed.

And just for clarification we do not modify anything from CentOS beyond add some packages. All we do is add RPMs like asterisk, FreePBX and others. Do we want to fork CentOS, no not at all. We are forced to because of the trademark policy of RedHat, who owns CentOS. They state if you modify anything even as simple as adding a RPM, you have to remove all reference of CentOS including text, images and references. This is not something we enjoy doing or want to do but we have no choice.

It has to do with comparison. While you are making minimal changes to CentOS, they are there. I realize there are so many resources to do things, but forking that over helps maintaining control over your product.

But since Digium was bought out, you sort of do have control over it a bit now.

I would suggest that any attempt to make Asterisk/FreePBX Redhat (of any flavor) centric would cause uproar throughout the open source FreePBX/Asterisk community

Furthermore to the fact that what is reported by @GeekBoy works fine. It announces the slots the first and n-th time. What I am saying is that there is no correlation between freepbx 2.11 and 14

We’re parking using the softkey park button on the digium phones. I haven’t tested the theory that it doesn’t announce on the first slot but does on subsequent, I can do that later today.

To be clear, the display shows the slot the call was parked in, it just doesn’t play the recording to the person parking informing them of the slot.

Well, the fact me and a associate recently upgraded a system from 2.11 to 13, then purchased the commercial module/ The first thing we both noticed was the announcement for first slot had stopped. In addition, @ashcortech is confirming this

Maybe it’s asterisk since 2.11 doesn’t support the same versions as 13. Again. This goes directly through asterisk. Doesn’t go through any freepbx code. Stop placing the blame where you don’t know.

There is no pointing, nor blaming, Just confirming with @ashcortech what is occurring on my end also after seeing some doubts. This thread only caught my attention due to this recently happening, then confusing an end user after a complaint of the same one of this thread.

Ok, two client systems, both the same FreePBX versions. One with Asterisk 11.25.3 and one with 13.19.1.

Version 11 does the announcement on the first park
version 13 does not announce (still unverified if it does on the second concurrent park)

So it would appear the Andrew is correct that it is an asterisk issue.

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Could be a difference in Asterisk bridging and parking between pre-12 and post-12 (when the bridging core was completely rewritten and parking was rewritten on top of it). Or, it’s a difference in dialplan; dunno. Here’s a helpful blog post on parking, with special notes about blind parking:

So, where you might have this dialplan:

include => parkedcalls
include => manyotherthings
exten  => 700,1,Park()

it’d likely work.

But, where you had this dialplan instead:

include => parkedcalls
include => manyotherthings
exten => _X.,1,Set(variables)
exten => _X.,n,Goto(someparkinghandler)

it wouldn’t work, because something happens in the dialplan for the parking extension, before the Park application is called.

Are you both using Digium phones and are you using EPM or the Digium Phone Module to provision the phones??

Also can you tell me how your parking the caller and can you try ##70# to park and see if that works correct.


Digium phones provisioned using the Digium Phone Module.
For reference I’ve always used the same and it worked fine in the past.

I’ll test with the manual method as you suggest first chance I get.


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