Parking REST App, Digium Phones, and can't park when a second call comes in

Hello all. First let’s get this out of the way:

FreePBX version: 13.0.51
Asterisk version: 11.21.0
Digium D70 phones on firmware version:

I’ve been struggling with the REST Apps on a group of 22 D70s. I’ve gotten most of my issues resolved, but thought I would throw the remaining ones out here to see if anyone has wisdom to contribute. I did roll back to Asterisk 11 from 13 and things settled down by an order of magnitude.

My only significant remaining issue is that when someone is on a call, and another call comes in to the ring group they are a member of, then that user cannot park the call. I was able to get them to successfully place the call on hold, then pick it up and they could then park it. I’m going to do some testing in a few hours and I’ll have more specific details on what the phones are doing when this happens.

Other issues less important but still would be nice to resolve:

It would be lovely to be able to edit the templates used for endpoint manager so that we could control how the phones are deployed more granularly. For example, I’d love the ability to change the subscription URI for a button. I have set one of the line buttons to DND and assigned the *76 to toggle DND. It would be great if I could set the subscription URI to *76 so that the line light status can follow DND for that user. In the same way, I’d love to be able to assign a slow amber blink to one of the status BLFs for an extension if that extension had DND on.

Also: in the REST Apps control panel, the “Hide Idle Screen Display” setting does not seem to be honored.

Thanks for your time!

Okay, here’s a description of the scenario.

Inbound call hits the ring group.

One of the ring group members picks up the call.

At this point, pressing the parking button parks the call perfectly as expected.

However: If the first call is still in progress when a second call comes in to the ring group, then the first call will not park when the button is pressed. Pressing the button at that point simply displays the parking lot as if you were not in a call. If the user holds the call and picks back up, then the call can be parked.

So. Has anyone else seen this issue? Does anyone have a fix or workaround? Is there any other information I can provide?

Thanks, everyone!

I have at least worked around this problem by having the ring group ignore busy devices. This way the phones do not see a second ring while on a call, and can pick up while the group is still ringing with the call pickup button.

I am seeing this exact same issue with a new install.

FreePBX Distro
Asterisk: 13.38.1

Sangoma D65 and D62 phones configured with EPM+DPMA

Was there ever any solution to this?

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