Parking Pro Not Working as Expected

I am using Parking Lot 13.0.17 and Parking Pro 13.0.26 with the following parking lot configuration:

70 71-72 Parking Lot 1
73 74-77 Parking Lot 2
78 79 Parking Lot 3
80 81-82 Parking Lot 4

I can program a single button on my phone to put a call on Park 81, and go to any other phone and press the same corresponding button for Park 81 and pickup the call without any problems on FreePBX 12 using Park Pro. With FreePBX 13 and the module versions above, as soon as I try to park a call on 81, it actually puts it on 71. I have tried making all the parking lots Public as well as Private, but with the same results.

Please open a ticket with commercial module support.

I don’t see a way to do that without paying for a support package

Thanks for the clarification. I was able to open a ticket after logging into my account in the portal.