Parking Not working with code *88

Testing out Cisco SPA508G phones for an upcoming project. Tried to park a call using *88 as listed in the “extensions report” as the code to park in the default assigned lot.

nothing happened… Tried it on a Digium D60. Nothing happened. attached are the asterisk logs.

Also, still don’t get an announce of the parking space assigned to a call when using the softkey on a digium phone. However if I do a transfer to 70 then it announces properly.

interesting, if I go offhook and dial *88 feature code it parks and announces. Note no call is actually in session when I do this. If there’s an active call however, nothing happens, you just hear the tones being pressed…

You dont park a call while on it. This isnt an incall feature. You need to transfer them to the parking lot.

so then what is the feature code *88 for?

*88 - Park to your Assigned Lot

That is a Parking Pro feature as highlighted here: Parking Module User Guide - PBX GUI - Documentation and here:

So without Pro, *88 is just like dialing 70.

ok, so it’s a parking lot pro feature that is listed in the extensions report even though I don’t have that module installed.

That clears it up. thanks

It is not only a parking pro feature, it behaves differently depending on whether you have park pro licensed or not.

Ok… so now I’m confused again… Should dialing *88 park a call or not?

You don’t dial *88, you transfer a call to *88 to park it.

Yes but as it was pointed out, it will behave differently with or without the Pro license.

yeah that works (just tried it) but makes no sense to me. I can’t find anywhere where it says you have to “Transfer to *88” and it’s listed as a “feature code”

other “feature codes” I’ve used in call work. So this isn’t actually a feature code? or is it only a feature code for when parking lot pro is licensed?

Why would I transfer to “*88” when I can just transfer to “70” to park a call? Seems to make no sense unless I’m missing something.

There are very few in-call feature codes, most are dialed.

You wouldn’t. Those who use Park Pro might.

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OK so a Feature Code is a dialable code that performs a function (or feature). It can either be In-Call (such as transfer *2, blind xfer, ##, record on demand *1, etc) which can be dialed while on an active call and it will deal with that call. All the other Feature Codes such as Call Forwarding, Blacklist, Park, Page, Voicemail…they are Feature Codes that require a new line to be used.

Under your logic that these only work when on a call would mean you couldn’t set CF, FollowMe or dial *97 to check your voicemail because you would need to be on an active call to do so.

So again, a Feature Code (or Vertical Code as known back in the day) is just a set of digits that do a specific thing when entered and sent to the system. That’s it.

Great explanation.

I guess I just can’t get my head around why a feature code for parking, something you would actually need to do while in a call, doesn’t work in a call. Doesn’t seem to make sense.

Parking a call is nothing more than a transfer, you want park the active call without having to hold and then transfer you do *270 for an attended transfer or ##70# for a blind transfer (if you’ve left the default In-Call Asterisk Codes alone) and that will get you want you want.

However, you are conflating what FreePBX has setup with what Asterisk can actually do. You can look at this: which includes a one-touch, in-call feature code setup for parking a call.

You would need to do a couple things.

  1. Edit features_featuremap_custom.conf and add the line:
    parkcall=#72 or make #72 whatever you’d like.

  2. You need to go into Settings -> Advanced Settings and find the “Asterisk Dial Options” and add Kk to the string. The default is HhTtr so you would make it HhTtrKk

K - Let’s the calling party park the call

k - Let’s the called party park the call

That’s pretty much it. Give that a try.


Awesome Tom! thanks for the info!

I honestly haven’t ever played with the custom files as historically FreePBX and Digium phones have really “covered all the bases” for me.

Did what you suggested using *99 and it works great. Now the next trick is trying to assign that to a PSK on the Cisco SPA508g.

if I dial *99 on the phone in call, it transfers the call to the assigned lot and plays back the parking spot announcement as expected.

if I try to assign that to a PSK with:

fnc=sd;ext=*[email protected]$PROXY;nme=Park;

it puts the call on hold and errors out with “invalid number”

Not sure if it’s possible to do this but would be awesome if I could.

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