Parking not working on P315 phones

When trying to use parking on a P315 phone I get the following error:

Could not fetch list:
Communication error, SSL Authentication failed
Credentials or SSL certificate may be invalid.
please contact your system administrator.

I have an ssl certificate installed. Is there a setting I’m missing somewhere?

Phones are configured with EPM and DPMA using OpenVPN

No issue here. In the EPM template do you have phone apps set to use https?

HTTP is the only choice…

and… HTTPS appears as a choice in the template now… trying that.

Set the template to phone apps HTTPS, rebuilt the config, pushed to phones, still same error

@lgaetz just to confirm, in the EPM template for the phone model I should be specifying APP-PARKING not just “Park” correct?

Correct. I’m not seeing any issues here with Apps and VPN, recommend you open a support ticket. Do the apps work when you’re not on VPN?

Haven’t tried that… I’ll test that now.

Nope, switched a phone off VPN, re-configured and still the same error.

It’s gotta be a setting issue on the pbx

Is it possible it’s permissions in user management???

ok, Opened a ticket…

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