Parking module

I have a question about the theory of operation of the new parking module.

How does a timed out parked call get to exten => t? the asterisk code that handles parked calls does not “timeout” like normal things, when it times out it hard codes the context, extension, etc back to the original endpoint. The dial command that asterisk uses to create the callback has no timeout, it will ring forever if the user doesn’t answer. Further, setting the caller id or Alert Info is important as soon as the parked call times out, not after the call is “orphaned” (IE the receptionist needs to know it is a timed out parked call so she can answer the phone appropriately. Nothing pisses callers off more than being on hold for 1 minute and then having the phone answered “Thank you for calling XYZ enterprises”.) Does this module provide that functionality?

Further if you hard code where parked calls time out to doesn’t that break a core feature of parking a call (IE being able to park from any extension and have the call on timeout ring back to that extension?)

I’ve patched asterisk to provide this functionality (provided a callerid option in features.conf). I patched asterisk itself in res_features.c to allow these options to be set in features.conf. You can get that patch here.