Parking Lot

I want to get callers automatically transfered to the parking lot, when the xetension that is called doesn’t answer the call within 15 seconds.
How could I get this done?


The parking lot works on a round robin arrangement. So first call transfered in goes to first spot, second to second spot if first spot is still in use, Third goes in first available spot (1 if free, then 2, then 3) etc. So the problem with your idea is that you’ll never know what spot a extension transfered to and which extension a given spot uses at any one moment in time.

I have a ring group with 2 phones. When a caller calls this ring group and nobody answers, I want to get the caller into the parking lot. Then I want a led on the 2 phones showing that there is someone in the parking lot. Pressing the led key, the caller should be catched by the phone.

I tried with follow me, to transfer a call to the extension of the parking lot, if the original extension does not answer, but this doesn’t work. The extension of the parking lot is ignored in the follow me list.

Maybe I should use another feature than parking lot. What I want to have is just a way to put the caller on an announcement if nobody answers the call within 15 seconds, so that he knows, that someone will pick him up soon. Then I want a button on my phone (BLF) to show me that and to let me pick up the caller.
What would be the best way to get this done?

Sounds like you need to look at queues.

Thanks for the hint. I will take a look at the queues.

Queues works fine for me.
I set up 2 Queues. The first one is calle dby the inbound route. I set the Ringing Instead of MoH to on, to show the caller, that it is ringing. After 15, if nobody answers the call, seconds I switch over to a second queue with music on hold.
I also setup the Skip Busy Agents to yes, because I don’t want to get disturbed by the continualy beep while I am talking to someone on the phone.

When I finish the current call and there is still someone in the queue, the phone rings and I can answer that call.

The only thing I could not get solved is to setup a Multi Purpose Key on my Grandstream GXP2000 to show me someone is waiting in the queue.
I tried to setup BLF to the number of the queue, but this doesn’t work.
This would be fine, because so I could see, that there is someone waiting and I could even switch over to that waiting call to tell him, I am talking on another line and I will call back after that call.
So could anybody tell me a way to setup BLF on the number of a queue?