Parking Lot Slot Playback

I have a question and I hope it has a simple solution. We purchased a phone system from a company that uses freepbx white label but after some digging, I found that it is just freepbx. My issue is that if I use the phone’s (Yealink T38G) built in Park button, it does park the call but after is plays the parking slot number to the person being parked. This seems to defy common sense. Shouldn’t the default be to play the parking slot number to the person parking the call? If anyone has a suggestion, I would appreciate it.

My goal would either be to play the parking slot number back to the person parking the call or not play the slot number at all. Currently, I have a button on the phone set to use DTMF tones to do an assisted transfer to the parking lot but this is not ideal.

What version are they using? That sounds like an old version, that bug wasn’t around for very long.

Asterisk Version is:
I can not find the version of free pbx on our system. Where could I locate that?

In Module Admin. Just looking for the major version 2.x ? what is x?

You probably just need to update your Asterisk and FreePBX.

FreePBX 2.10 is the version.