Parking Lot Questions


I am running FreePBX 12 on Asterisk 11 and I have purchased the Parking Lot Pro module.

I have created a parking lot with the parking extension of 90 and slots 91-95.

I can manually transfer calls to slots 91-95, however, I am unable to get the park and announce option to work when transferring to the main parking lot extension (90).

Shouldn’t I be able to transfer a call to *290 for this to work? Probably a stupid question but I’ve never really used the parking feature and I’m not sure how to use it correctly to announce the slot where the call is being parked at.

Thanks in advance

It should work.

In the Admin tab, look for the feature code list and make sure *29 isn’t a feature code for something else.

While you’re in there, look for a “park current call” function that gives you the “drop into the parking lot” functionality. There may already be a button there for you.

Hi Dave

*29 isn’t used anywhere in the feature codes. If I just pick up a phone and dial *290, I get a fast busy signal.

[[email protected] ~]# asterisk -rvvvvv | grep ‘806’
[2017-06-06 10:48:11] NOTICE[1633][C-000199ef]: chan_sip.c:25662 handle_request_invite: Call from ‘806’ ( to extension ‘*290’ rejected because extension not found in context ‘from-internal’.

That kind of makes sense. If you have an extension of 290, picking up the phone and dialing *290 would connect you to that extension’s voicemail box.

So, if you have a call active, you should be able to dial *2, wait for the DT, and then 90 and you should connect. At least, that’s how I’d test it next. Try ‘##90#’ and see if that makes a difference. That’s Blind Transfer, which apparently reports back the parking slot.

Neither one of these methods work.

Any other ideas?

Press *2, you will hear a voice telling you to give the extension number that you want to transfer the call to, press 90 and # and wait to hear again a new voice announcing to which parking lot space was the call placed.

Post here what you see in the asterisk cli. Post the whole log not only the part that the problem pops up.