Parking Lot keys as BLF not lighting up

Hello. I have 3 parking lot keys programmed as BLF’s on Linksys 508G phones. When you push them they work correctly, however, when you park a call in the lot they do not light up at this time.
This is running on Freepbx version and looking for some assistance.

How do you have the line configured?

What setting do you have in the expansion module, PBX type (even if you don’t have the expansion module).

I have the buttons setup as blf for parking lot numbers 71 thru 74. This is the freepbx version where everything I believe is through the web.
There is no exp?ansion module but using line keys 5 thru 8 on the linksys 508 phones,
Hope that helps.

It doesn’t help at all. What exactly do you have programmed into the line field on the 508. While there is not an expansion module the configuration page is on the phones web interface and it allows you to select PBX type.

Here is what I have for a line setup:
Extension:Disabled Short Name:Park 71
Share Call Appearance: private
Extended Function: fnc=sd+blf+cp;[email protected]$PROXY;[email protected]$PROXY

Is this what you are looking for?

What version software on the phone? You need to find the server type field in the phone and set to Asterisk.

If you run ‘core show hints’ in Asterisk CLI can you see the phone subscribed to the hint?

The Linksys 508 are currently running at 7.4.3a and I am using the keys on the phones themselves. I was trying to locate the server type on the phone itself but not able to locate that. Is it when you have a sidecar attached is when that server type shows up?
Here is what I am getting from the core show hints:
-= Registered Asterisk Dial Plan Hints =-
State:Idle Watchers 0
[email protected] : park:[email protected] State:Idle Watchers 0
[email protected] : park:[email protected] State:Idle Watchers 0
[email protected] : park:[email protected] State:Idle Watchers 0
[email protected] : park:[email protected] State:Idle Watchers 0

I did locate server type under attendent console and have that set to Asterisk now.

Try replacing the $PROXY variable with the IP of the server.

Just an update that corrected the problem that under Attendent console to have that set to Asterisk brings the lights to normal operation. Thanks for the support.

Does it bother you in the least that I gave you the solution in my first post and essentially had to argue with you to get you to listed listen to me? This is also completely covered in the. Excellent documentation Cisco providdes. How do you think I leaned?