Parking Lot Help

New to Asterisk and FreePBX, working on this for my office to see if this is something I can support for them.
All my modules are up to date.
I have NO external SIP trunks this is all internal right now.
I call my operator station from one extension, hit transfer, dial the parking lot (I set it to 50 - which is what our current POTS system uses), and the call is terminated.
Parking Lot module is installed (obviously)
It is enabled
Here is the parking lot config:

Here is what CLI says while this transaction is going on:

Any help fishing is appreciated…

Can you try dialing the parking lot extension (50) directly, without attempting to transfer a call? If everything is set up correctly that should return a specific parking lot number. If so, the FreePBX part is working.

By the way: you should be doing an attended transfer, not a blind transfer: if you do a blind transfer you won’t hear the parking lot ID played back to you.