Parking lot disconnect at timeout


One of my customers called saying calls are disconnecting sometimes once their put on park. After some testing I’ve found about half the calls get disconnected at the parking lot time out. So if it’s set to 300 seconds, the call will either ring back (what its programmed to do) or disconnect after 300 seconds. If it’s set to 30 seconds it will either ring back or disconnect after 30 seconds. I’ve been able to duplicate this on 3 other systems as well.

I’ve found a procedure where I can get it to disconnect every time.

I call into my place XXX-XXX-XXXX
I answer the call at ext. 222
I park the call
call rings back
I park it again
Call rings back
I park it again
Call rings back
I transfer the call to ext 223
I park the call from 223
Call rings back to 223
I park the call again from 223
Call disconnects.

Now this isn’t the procedure from my customer. It happens to them half the time when they just park the call once from the origin of the call. But when I do this procedure in my office it happens 100% of the time

Connected to Asterisk 11.10.2 currently running on pbx

Any help would be much appreciated!!