Parking lot BLF and merging of 2 calls

I just had a strange occurence happen with one of my customers, and replicated in our lab.

BLF setup for 70, 71, 72 (To park a call, space 71 and space 72)

First person parked a call - went to spot 71.
Another caller at a different extension went to place the call on park, but inadvertantly hit the blf for 71. This merged the two calls together as a blind merge and created instant confusion for everyone as the two customers were talking to each other trying to gleam answers from each other. There was no way to get the callers off of the merge.

Is there any way to prevent this? I have an angry client because of this.


What type of phones are you using and how is the BLF setup?

Yealink T26 phones. BLF is setup as native to the phone using BLF setting “Park” with 70,71,72 as the value.

Well it appears the phone does a transfer when you press the BLF and on a call. This is 100% a phone issue. I would look and see if there is a way to turn that off or contact yealink about it.