Parking Hints not showing InUse status, BLF won't light

Overview: BLF on IP phones won’t light when a call is parked and I think it’s an underlying asterisk issue (maybe with the freepbx generated configuration??!?).

Details: Using Asterisk 16.2.1 with FreePBX (Asterisk as re-compiled to include the Cisco usecallmanager mod), parking lot version

Parking lot is setup for parking extension 700, 9 slots starting at 701, find slot first. (in other words 99.9% of our calls are parked on ext 701). I have added a speed dial key for 701 with BLF for 701 on our phones but it ever lights (also tried *85701). Upon further inspection the hints do not show 701 in in use (taken while a call was parked on 701):

freepbx*CLI> core show hint 701
701@park-hints      : park:701@parkedcalls  State:Idle            Presence:Not_Set         Watchers  1
1 hint matching extension 701

freepbx*CLI> core show hint *85701
*85701@park-hints   : park:701@parkedcalls  State:Idle            Presence:Not_Set         Watchers  9
1 hint matching extension *85701

freepbx*CLI> parking show default

Parking Lot: default
Parking Extension   :  700
Parking Context     :  parkedcalls
Parking Spaces      :  701-709
Parking Time        :  120 sec
Reminder Time       :  0 sec
Comeback to Origin  :  no
Comeback Context    :  parkedcallstimeout
Comeback Dial Time  :  30 sec
MusicOnHold Class   :  default
Enabled             :  yes
Dynamic             :  no

Parked Calls
  Space               :  701
  Channel             :  DAHDI/1-1
  Parker Dial String  :  SIP/110

I have beat my head against the wall on this one for a couple days, and everything in the config looks great — other than it doesn’t work. The phones can pickup a parked call by dialing either 701 or *85701 but the hints won’t update and therefore the BLF won’t trigger. Clearly the hints are being created, and clearly they should be updated as they have watchers, but the parking module just never updates (I’ve spend hours googling and haven’t found anything that applies, and yes, dynamic hints are disabled).

Anywhere else i can look?


When I setup Park keys in the ‘Type’ field in the template I select Park from the drop down list, then enter the slot # in the ‘Value’ field. This will have the key illuminate when the slot is in use.

You’re talking about on the phone configuration? We’re running Cisco 7965 phones so the configuration is done through xml files. I’ve tried setting the speed dial to both 701 and *85701 (both work for picking up the call, and both have hints) but no dice. An identical button can be set to *280 (for toggling a call flow rule) and it lights up. For those cisco nuts reading the thread, yes, I added the hint in the sip_custom_post config section (and I know that’s working or asterisk wouldn’t show watchers).

Thanks for the response but I don’t think it applies to my setup.


You’re welcome but yes, looks like it doesn’t apply to your setup with the Cisco phones. Interesting you got another function (call flow rule) to light.

I’ve got every other status that I want to light (night mode, extensions in use, alternate voicemail boxes) bot for some reason it doesn’t appear like the parking lot module updates the hints.

Bump. Anyone else have any idea why the park pickup hint isn’t activating?

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