Parking Calls Question

I currently have the parking lot feature working on our system.
Basically the way its working is the person hits ##70 and then listens to the parking lot number (71)

The user that wants to pick up the parked call just dials 71 on his/her phone and it picks up.

I am wondering if there is a nicer way to do this. I have aastra 6730i phones that have 8 nice programmable buttons.

Is there any way to utilize these buttons in the parking and picking up a parked call function to eliminated the manually dialing ##70, and then having to dial 71 to pick up. Also wondering if so can we get the lights to light up too.

My dream situation would be to park a call to hit programmable button one (that will be labeled park), then hit button 2 (wich will be labeld park1), then all the person that wants to pick up the parked call would have to do it hit button 2 on his/her phone that would be lit up.

Is freeepbx capable of doing this or any part of it? Or is what we are doing currently the most we will get out of this system


You can certainly do what you want, make a speed dial labeled park and put “##70” in the speed dial key. Now make a BLF key and put 71 in it. The key will light up when a call is parked.

I have to ask you a question as I have spent 100’s of hours documenting these phones and how to configure them. Did you take look at any documentation?

Also, did you go to the Aastra site and see the XML scripts for these phones? They add tremendous functionality.

Since you seem to be Google challenged here is a link to install the XML stuff:

I don’t have it in front of me, but call parking is document in the aastra admin manual. As far as the Asterisk/FreePBX is concerned, search for the use of devstate.