Parking calls in queue

Hello !

If more than 1 call coming to queue, i want to waiting them in announcement. When line is available, they will forward to queue automatically. I install Parking Lot module but in parking lot you can wait incoming call to extensions only. But i want to apply it to queues.

Which module or way could i do?

Thanks a lot before and sorry for bad English.

Is the problem that new calls are ringing on the agents phone while they are already on the phone?
If so, enable skip busy in the queue.

This is a related subject. quoting the User guide:
Parked Music Class
This is the music class to play to callers who are waiting in the parking lot. If a specific music class has been previously set for the caller prior to being parked, such as if the call came through a Queue that set the music, then this selection will be ignored in favor of the music class that was previously set for the call.

The problem is, I have a custom MOH playing while they are waiting in the queue (which incorporates ring tone, the welcome announcement, the actual music and the “thank you for continuing to wait” announcement), and I want a different MOH when the caller has been answered and placed in a Parking slot.

It might seem a small thing, but it is super annoying not to be able to do that. Any suggestions for getting around that? (The problem with using Announcements while in the queue is that the phones won’t ring during the announcement.)

A workaround: Incoming call to Ringgroup Ringall. MOH has ringing for 10sec, then a welcome message.
Destination if no answer: Queue with Active Agents same as in the Ring Group. Set up with no announcement, just music for 30sec, then “thank you for continuing to hold…” Then music, then the same message etc…

So if call is parked or placed on hold, they hear the music and the “thank you for continuing to hold…” ie the MOH for the queue…which is fine. If they are parked there from the Ring-group (which should be most of the time hopefully) then they just get default MOH.

Previously I used a series of Ringgroups to do this, but the extensions would time-out too quickly, so I would pass the calls around and they seemed to get lost along the way, especially when multiple incoming calls. Hence trying the queue. and now settling on a combination of both.

Also, I have set Skip Busy Agent to No and turned off the Call Waiting tone in the handsets. This means phones become available and keep ringing after they hang up on one call if there is another one in the queue. They otherwise have to go to a different phone to answer. Although they could use Group Pickup to get around that. I’m just trying to keep the most important people in the office happy.

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