Parking between two Freepbx machines

I’ve installed two separate FreePBX machines and I"ve linked them together using a trunk. I can call Ext. to Ext. between the two just fine. Everything is set up correctly. My problem is, I don’t know how to set them up so that I can park on an extension on PBX1 and pick that parked call up from a phone on PBX2 and visa versa.

Your peer trunk between the two systems needs to be using context from-internal. The outbound route needs to include dial patterns for your parking lots/spots. That should be all there is to it.

You sure about that? Each of those PBX’s will have the default Parking Lot setup on them. If at least one of those PBXes doesn’t have its default Parking Lot changed around then what you’ve suggested will not work.

Can’t put 70 in the Outbound Route to get to PBX A from PBX B if the default lot is still set to 70, that will match first before the outbound route.


Solved!!! Thanks for your help. All I had to do was have two different parking lots. 1st pbx 70 second pbx 80 and then then outbound routes to match those, and lastly just added context=from-internal to my trunk sip settings. THANK YOU!!!

This also worked for Paging

I just thought of something. Putting from-internal fixed my issue, thank you. But by adding that line will I still be able to get outside calls to both PBX’s?

It will depend on how calls are being routed. Call that arrive in the ‘from-internal’ context will not use inbound routes.

But will the “from-internal” block incoming calls from the outside world? Can “from-internal” and “from-trunk” be in the same settings? Do I need to build two trunks? One for internal and one for outside calls? Thank you,

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