Parking Audio Alert on Sangoma S505 and S705 Phones

I have a Sangoma S505 and S705 phone. I have BLF keys set to the different Parking Lot #s (i.e. 71 and 72). Every time another user parks a call, the Sangoma S505 and S705 beeps when the BLF lights up. Any ideas of how to get rid of this beep? I have tried setting BlfAudioAlert and it seems to have no impact on this.

Thanks in advance!

IIRC, there was an issue long ago where EPM had the BLF audio alerts settings swapped.

Are you phone and PBX up to date?

Have you tried to change from EndPoint Manager (EPM) below settings ?

Admin -> Phone Apps -> Parking, there is an option there to Quiet alerts.

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Thanks for all the great suggestions!

PitzKey - Phone and PBX are up to date. I had also read that the settings might be swapped so I had tried that with no luck.

shahin - I had tried changing that setting in the EPM with no luck.

lgaetz - Bingo! That fixed it. I was sure my BLF keys were causing the tone and didn’t even think about the Parking Phone App being the source of it. I’m new to Sangoma phones and the phone app module so I greatly appreciate your help!!

Thank you all for your time!

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