Parking Attended Transfer Annouce

The feature:
“*270: Attended Transfer call to the Parking Lot Extension. The lot number will be announced to the parker”

Does not appear to work in version 14, I get a not found message and trying to use it when a call is active it just rings the call back.

This feature works fine in version 13.

Is there a fix for 14?

I am running and it works fine. When do you see or hear the ‘not found’ message?

When on a call and you dial *2, do you hear “transfer” followed by dial tone? If not, the problem is unrelated to parking. After hearing the transfer dial tone and you dial 70, what do you hear? If you hear e.g. “seven one” followed by music and you hang up, what does the transferred party hear?

Why are you using *2 to transfer calls (to parking lot or elsewhere) at all? Does the transfer button or soft key on your phones not work properly? Using devices that lack this function?

If your devices have unused / unneeded BLF buttons or soft keys, programming one to park the call would save time and reduce the number of mishandled calls.

If I have an active call and dial *2 it does say transfer but then I have to pause to dial 70. If I make *270 a speeddial line key then it recalls immediately. If I transfer the call to 70 then I have to wait for it to announce.

I am trying to park a call and have it announce what lot it parked the call into using a line key on a yealink t23g phone.

I got it to work by setting the line key to DTMF and the value to *270

I have it working on our Sangoma Phones, “Call Park” Key just press the Call park button in the middile of the call and it works like a charm…

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