Parking Asterisk 13

I am running FreePBX

I recently upgraded from Asterisk 11 to 13 and I noticed when I park a call with Park Pro from an endpoint the remote caller is successfully parked however my phone does not disconnect. If I hangup everything works normally. However if I decide to retrieve the parked call when my line is still active after I parked the call I am put into a loop where my primary line and secondary line play tag by putting each other on hold. I should note I have two extensionsand 2 BLF for each extension on my phone the primary is chan_sip and the secondary is pjsip.

You can’t park a call with park pro. What specific series of steps do you take to park a live call?

I have a soft key assigned to *270#

*2 is the in-call feature code for attended transfer, which means the channel is supposed to stay up until you complete the transfer. You probably want the blind transfer feature code.

I changed it to ##70# and it is working much better. Thank you!