Parking announcement to wrong party

I am fairly certain this is an Asterisk issue and has been reported there, but has anyone found a fix for the parking log number being announced to the party being parked instead of the party doing the parking in Asterisk 1.8?

Have you looked in the parking module. There is a setting for this???

I am not seeing it. This is affecting which side hears the “seven one” when the call is parked.

You are correct. I was thinking the repark thing and DTMF settings.

How are you parking the caller. Try ##70# and see what it does.

We were parking with the Aastra park button, I haven’t been able to get back over to test the other ways.

Yes that issue is with how aastra does there park button with transfer. Program the button to do ##70# or go into the xml scripts and change the code to do the same thing but there orbit park does just what you reported.

Hey, I had emailed about a couple things after the last OTTS. Have you guys gotten through that yet? One was about converting from another distro. This post can obviously be removed from the thread as it’s not relevant to that.