Parking and Reparking

Hello, I am trying to fix a parking issue with Freepbx

I have setup a few phones for a customer. Yealink T46s and Yealink T48S

I have configured BLF on the endpoints using license Endpoint manager. with the following values

71, 72, 73

When I call in, it travels a ring group and a user answer. Then then park the call via the BLK key, I am transfer the the parking lot and then the button on the phone lights up and then can answer the park via pressing the corresponding park key. All works ok up to this point. If they repark the call at this point the call is terminated and hung up on. I have attached the CDR logs for a sample call. I for the life of me cant figure out why it stopped working.

CLI output in pastebin

CDRs won’t help with this. We would need to see actual log output of the call to see what happened during the call.

Are you looking for a sip capture or the CLI console output?

Asterisk console output.

I have attached the console output during a failure the first part of the log is a previous call that hung up.

Removed and moved to pastebin code.

Pastebin Code

I assume you’re aware of the ‘re-parking’ parameter in the parking lot setup, and have tried the various settings available there.

Looking thru the call trace, lines 425-426 appear to be where ext 102 is expected to be re-parking the call, but from what I can see there, it looks like 102 just hung up. How was the repark done?

Yes, I have made sure that reparking and transfer is enable or set to Both.

Parking is done as follows.

the call comes and extension 101 answered and parked me in 71.

Extension 102 is setup with BLF to monitor parking lot 71. She picks me up via a BLF button setup for a value of 71. She talks to me for a second then presses the BLF 71 to repark me in the same free lot.

Try re-parking the call using the in-call blind transfer feature code. I don’t see any attempt at a transfer here.

So far we have been able to continue to park and repark from one extension. Using the BLF and the ##70 seem to work. The issue comes into play when when someone parks at one phone and moves to another phone. Answers and reparks via the ## or the BLF I am going to see if I can get a capture of the issue that is happening.

Here is a capture before we could even get it to park it terminated. We used only the ##70 it hung up on me before it even parked me. I called in, the blind transferred me and then had him try to park me via ##70

So maybe this is a UDP problem and not a Park problem?

Do these phones support Monitored Call Park?
I assign this feature with PARK 71 as a label and 71 as value.
Then while on a call the call is parked by pressing the PARK 71 button.

It actually turns out that there was a firmware bug on the phones and this was causing an issue with transfer via BLF buttons.

Updating the firmware fixed the issue

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