Parking and intercoms On a cisco 99xx phone

Hello i know this is a wild shot but I’m having some problems well kind of. I’m able to part a call with no problem XML looks good for the config file. Also the soft keys are good too. I was able to talk to someone from Cisco forums and they told me that the config files well all the files are setup correctly and Not sure why in the soft keys can not park a call. So the guy told me to try to message here and see maybe it is something in freepbx that is stopping me. So I’m not sure is why I’m asking here. So at this point I’m stuck.

I did have another question sense it has nothing to do with parking has to do with intercoms. I’m able to page someone but there Speaker is not able to turn on automatically like answering. Is it possible to activate there Phone speaker automatically? so i can talk over the intercoms and when i have up it stops?

someone please help me These two problems are the only thing I’m having problems with.

You’ll get more help if you assume something is messed up and post it.

I understand that you think your config is perfect and don’t want to share, but at this point, we’d end up wasting a bunch of time, especially since the answer will vary based on lots of things, include which phone you are actually using, which FreePBX version, which Asterisk version, etc.

A little more detail, as well as an extract from the /var/log/asterisk/full log file showing the processing of the function button would go a long way to helping us help you.

Hello cynjut you are right. I’m not saying my setup is perfect. I’m just saying it is working but just these 2 functions I’m having problems with. I will post the xml files when i get home. and which version os freepbx and asterisk I’m currently using.