Parking and Conference BLF Lights On when Parking Lot and Conference room empty

To resolve another issue, I upgraded my FreePBX distro to use Asterisk 13.2 from 11 (as suggested in a previous post). It seems to have broken something with the the Parking and Conference PhoneApps when used with Aastra 57i and 6867 phones. After a reboot, everything is fine, but whenever I Apply any config changes via the FreePBX pages, the parking lot and conference lights come on and stay on. The parking lot and conference rooms are empty. Restarting Asterisk doesn’t seem to fix it nor does restarting the REST applications daemon. Doing a complete system reboot seems to solve it until I apply configuration changes again.

Any ideas?

Asterisk 13.2.0
REST Phone Applications 12.0.29

Anyone have any thoughts on what I need to look at here or if I should submit a bug report?

Did you ever manage to get this resolved?

I’m experiencing something similar - Asterisk 13, FreePBX 13, EPM with RestAPP, Aastra 6867i phones. Park BLF remains on even when no call parked on some phones.

Asterisk 13 is still a work in progress. As you find bugs please open bug reports so they can get resolved.

I saw the same thing. I rolled back to 11 and all is well. I have heard that 13.7 now fixes that problem, but I’ve not tried it as yet.