Parking a call for the 2nd time on 2.7 and asterisk

I installed the other day with Freepbx 2.7.0 and now I can’t park a call more than once.

What happens is:

  • Call comes in -> answer at ext 6005 (any ext)
  • Say hi, park call (##70)
  • Call gets parked on 71 or whatever slot is available
  • Dial 71 or use BLF key to retrieve call from parking lot
  • talk more, try to park call a 2nd time
  • caller and I both here me pressing ##70 but nothing happens

I tried this on a 2nd machine that had and got the same results.

There was a patch for parking and moh that recently came out. I applied it and it still didn’t work.

Is there anything I should be checking on the FreePBX side??

this machine is Ubuntu 10.4.1LTS dahdi is 2.4.0

UPDATE: It gets worse. I just found out that if a 2nd person picks up the call from Park they cannot park it either. The retrieved call can be blind transferred with a grandstream phone but ## is useless after the call has been parked once.

I couldn’t see where it is addressed anywhere in the FreePBX interface so here’s the .conf fix.

Add this to features_general_custom.conf

parkedcalltransfers = both
parkedcallreparking = both

Keep in mind that this might cause an obscure security issue over who owns the call but if you want to be able to park and retrieve calls multiple times from multiple extensions it may be a necessary evil.

This is documented in the .conf.sample file

;parkedcalltransfers = caller ; Enables or disables DTMF based transfers when picking up a parked call.
; one of: callee, caller, both, no (default is no)
;parkedcallreparking = caller ; Enables or disables DTMF based parking when picking up a parked call.
; one of: callee, caller, both, no (default is no)