Parking - 1 slot doesn't work, and breaks module

Had a use for some very basic parking. Due to few buttons on the phone (some used already) and limited use of parking (this isn’t a car dealership!), tried to set up as parking with 1 slot. Calls appear to park (as they will time-out and call back), but attempts to pick them up using BLF result in “sorry no call parked” (or similar words).

After frustration at the customer’s site, I tried on my home system. Setup parking (left all defaults), all is fine. As soon as I made it 1 slot, it breaks. FURTHERMORE, WHEN YOU THEN CHANGE BACK TO 8 SLOTS IT STAYS BROKEN. Fix requires using module admin to uninstall parking module, and then reinstall it.

FreePBX 15.0.29
parking lot

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