Parked calls get Conference d when same orbit is selected

I have multiple installations that we use DSS/MPK buttons to show a visual lamp indication of specific park orbits. This way a receptionist can answer a call, press a Green Park button (which then turns red) Make a Page, Sales you have a call on Park 71, the sales team can then go to any phone that has the same park orbit programmed on a key, press the Park Key that is programmed for Park 71 and take the call.

This has worked very well for many of our customers. the problem is, if two people try to park a call on the same park button at the same time, the caller are conferenced together and the FreePBX can no longer have access to the callers.

This has proved to be a problem for some or our customers.

We are using Free PBX 11 and Asterisk 11 distro.

Is there a solution to this problem ?

I can’t replicate this on FreePBX 13 with Asterisk 13 so I suggest updating to supported FreePBX version of 13 as 11 is very old and not supported anymore.

Oops, I meant to say FPBX 12. But if 13 does not have the issue, we has a solution. We are planning on up grading all our customers and future installs to 14 just as soon as it is released as stable. Which looks to be very soon,

Thanks for taking the time to look and respond to our issue.