Parked calls are not being recorded

When I record a call on a transfer to my extension it records fine. If a call is parked, the recording does not work. Am I missing a setting?

Where was the call (in the dialplan) when the recording check occurred? You would have to look at the logs to know for sure.

If you have not already, is it appropriate to try recording on the route, queue, or trunk?

That sounds like a bug to me. I assume you’ve tried it a couple times and it’s reproducible? If so, one possibility is that silence detection might be kicking in and terminating the recording. The other is that it’s a bug - and probably has been for a long time.

I’d submit a ticket just so this can be dual-tracked. If it’s something simple, we’ll get the note back here. If it’s a bug, we’ll get it fixed. Either way, we win!

It did the same thing on FreePBX 13. We are now on 14. Is there a setting to record parked calls?

Did you report it as a bug (not here, but in the bug reporter) before?

I’ve never seen one, so I’m going to say “probably not”. The “rule of least astonishment” says that, if the extension is being recorded, the call should get recorded once it’s assigned to that extension every time the extension picks it up.

Having said that - the recording continuing would rely on which level the recording is happening at. At the extension level, I’d expect a recording to pick up every time the extension is on a call, however, the call being transferred away from the extension to be parked would terminate that. My expectation would be that a second recording would pick up the call when the PL call is transferred back, but I can’t say it the logic is there to handle that.

If the recording is at the trunk level, I’d expect the call to be recorded throughout it’s life on the server (transfers handled, etc.). With that in mind, at what level are you setting the recording options and what recording choice (always, force, etc.) are you setting them to?

so it appears the call is recorded to the extension that hits the park button which is weird. The call recording doesn’t even start until after the call is picked up at another phone, then you hit record. A transfer works perfect.

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