Parked call reminder

A customer asked us if we could implement a reminder (like a beep) when there is a parked call because they tend to “forget” the parked calls until the timer expires.

I know that it is not possible to have that kind of reminder on a parked call but I started to look at the park pro module. I’ve read somewhere that the Park Pro module can ring the phones and re-park the call after that. I tried to find this feature in the user manual but it doesn’t seem to be clearly stated.

So the question is: With the Park Pro module, after a timeout, can a parked call ring, let’s say a ring group, and re-park itself automatically after X seconds ?

Nevermind, I found the information

Help a future brother out - what did you do?

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I read the manual :stuck_out_tongue:
From what I’ve read, I think that the park and announce can be used as a destination.

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