Parked call courtesy tone

So Im trying to disable the courtesy tone when someone picks up a parked call. In freepbx gui there use to be an option in “Parking” for the courtesy tone to be played for the : caller - parked - both - neither… Now the neither option is gone. Anyone have any ideas?

There’s not an option for that in asterisk unfortunately. if you have more information please let us know

Off to post to asterisk forums. Thanks! I will report back to this thread if I ever run across a fix

If there is a tone I believe it is global and not just parking lot

So the fix was to open up /etc/asterisk/features_general_additional.conf and comment out the courtesytone=beep line. Good old asterisk developers know how to fix ya up sometimes!

On I side note : Im still testing to A - make sure this file is not overwritten by changes made is freepbx and B - make sure this does not affect anything else. We rely pretty much just on park functionality so Im not sure if disabling that breaks any over “beeps” that may be generated :slight_smile:

It’s not just for parking. however the additional files typically get overwritten. that being said. if you want it added as a feature to FreePBX simply open a bug report/feature request to the right ->