Park Transfer Delay

Asterisk Ver.
Installed with AsteriskNow 1.7.1 x64

For starters I am a little new to the asterisk area so I apologize if this is a repost.

I am building a new asterisk server to replace our existing asterisk server. Parking in general works fine. Currently when parking a call I hit the transfer button on the phone and dial the park extention. For about 1 - 2 seconds the phone displays a message that its transfering the call. After the delay the phone will then allow me to dial another extention/page, but not until after it displays the message.

The delay/message is what is causing me problems. In our current live server we have removed this delay so that as soon as a call is transfered to park the user can immidiately page or dial an extention. To achieve this the person that originally setup the server had to dig through the asterisk code, comment out the line and then recompile it.

My question is, is there a way to do this without having to go and hunt this down again? Can this be configured in a conf file? I am not the most linux savvy person and the idea of digging through source code isnt all that appealing.

thanks in advance.