Park slot "jumps" to a lower number, 72 moves to 71 etc

System is Distro 5.211.65-6, Asterisk 11. Sysadmin Pro & Parking Pro installed.

The system in question parks a higher than average number of calls. Often, more than once a day, a call that is parked to the second or third slot will “jump” to a lower slot.

One specific example where this issue has been observed is with a Park & Page extension. The user transfers to the P&P DN with a speeddial button and the ensuing announcement tells the party they have a call parked on 72. When the original user hangs up, the parked call moves itself to 71.

These phones, mostly Aastra 6757i’s and one 6739i were running the Aastra XML scripts for parking but the keys have since been changed to “speeddial/xfer, park DN” and BLF keys for the first 3 park slots. BTW, not to confuse the issue but the park DN is actually 100 and the park slots are 101-109.

This issue has been prevalent both before and after Park Pro was installed.

Something is not right with your setup and I’d have to see some logs which you failed to provide. Calls can’t jump from one slot to another.

I reposted this issue with details here: