Park-return-routing broken after upgrade to 6.12.65-25 for valet parked calls

Getting the error "sent to invalid extension but no invalid handler"
After upgrading from 6.12.65-24 to -25 (Asterisk 13.1 -> 13.2) Calls that were valet parked (into a specific slot) rather than the primary parking lot extension are being dropped after park timeout is reached.

I’ve uninstalled/removed and reinstalled both parking and park pro modules but that didn’t do anything.

here is log output of the dropped call

Also here is the log of a call that is parked on the primary parking lot extension

I’m new to asterisk so if someone wouldn’t mind pointing me in the right direction that would be great!

Please pastbin a larger portion of the log. Don’t make people look at an image of a log

post has been updated, apologies for the inconvenience

I can’t replicate your issue. Sorry

Basically a few lines up ARG1 is set to the lot. When it’s returned your system clears that variable. Something I can’t replicate no matter how hard I try.

No problem, thanks for your time Andrew

I was able to duplicate it eventually but in the reverse way. You were transferring blind and I could only get it to happen with attended. Anyways I made the appropriate changes for both in the newest parking module for Asterisk 13.2+, I left the code base for 13.1 and lower unchanged.

Hmm I’m sure I was using blind… In any case Wow that was fast, can confirm Parking 12.0.9 fixed it…


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You are right “Blind Transfer: PJSIP/224-0000034b”

I meant the reverse. I could only get it to happen with attended not blind. Sorry long day. I changed my comment thus.