Park Feature on FreePbx with Polycom VVX 450 not working

I am able to enable the Park feature and button, however when attempting to park the call nothing happens.

In FreePbx I have PArking Lot = 70
Parking Slots 71-78

If I dial the keys myself it works, as soon as it program under the button (I tried it various ways) it doesn’t work.

I should also mention that I am very new to SIP, FreePbx, and PolyCom but I have a solid knowledge of networking (just so you understand my technical background)

Please help :slight_smile:

My system has just one park key. It is set up exactly like a BLF, using 71 instead of an extension number.
It shows dark when no call parked, and red when the slot is active.
If you are not on a call and press the key when it is dark, you hear “sorry, there is no call parked …”
If not on a call and key is lit red, you pick up the parked call and the indicator goes out.
If on a call and key is dark, the call is parked, key goes red and phone goes idle.
If on a call and key is lit red, your call is dropped and the call originally parked is still parked.

To make regular BLFs work properly, I have the setting
I don’t know whether this is needed for park.

Do your regular BLFs work correctly?
What happens when you try to park a call?
What happens when you try to retrieve a parked call?

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