Park Caller ID

When I dial 71 to pickup a parked call all that shows in my display is 71, which makes sense. I want to be able to see the callers caller ID. I have been spinning my wheels on this and have had no luck I’m using FreePBX with cisco spa509g phones. Thank

You would need to upgrade to FreePBX 2.10 and Asterisk 1.8 for this to work.

No other way around it? I am using a Xorcom box, it doesn’t currently use any pri or fxo cards, but if i needed to install them those cards are not supported beyond Asterisk 1.4

I’m currently using elastix and installed it fresh, but it only took freepbx to Is that far enough to accomplish receiving caller id, or does it have to be 2.10? If it is far enough how do I show caller id?


No it has to be 2.10 FreePBX and Asterisk 1.8 plus your phones have to Connected Line State and setup your extensions with the proper trustpid and sendrpid setting in FreePBX for your phone.


With an Aastra phone, is Connected Line State supported and active by default?

If not, how do you enable it?

Once it is enabled on the device, do you just need to enable Send RPID and Trust RPID in the extension settings?

I may add this to the documentation that I’m working on…

Yes Aastra does support it. You set the extension to the P-Asserted Identity in the extension page of FreePBX. I also think this only works with the FreePBX Distro as we did a few patches to Asterisk 1.8 for this to work correct. I believe these patches made it into Asterisk 10.

At some point, I’m going to have to upgrade to the latest Distro, but everytime I try to install it, I find a major bug, ie. it doesn’t install, Asterisk logging not configured, etc… :slight_smile:


Thanks for pointing to the only solution for my problem. I really like what you guys did with 2.10.

Hi Tony,

I am a bit puzzled with the versions of FreePBX. We were running version 12 and are now on version 13. How does that relate to 2.10?