Park Call to Extension - Yealink 46S - EPM

We have the need to park a call to an extension so that person can pick up the call from any Yealink 46S phone in the office. We have parking groups, but our manager wants to be able to park to a specific person’s extension, not the park group. How can I do this to all phones? I have Endpoint Manager and can add baseline entries.

Set up a queue ‘per phone’ and send the calls there.

Dave, thanks for the reply. The Queue option has several tabs! Yikes, because I need to set up at 25 phones. Is there a systematic way to do it vs. manually entering each one? And, any links to instructions for all the Queue fields would be deeply appreciated!

Unless you can use the Bulk Handler for the Queues (I don’t know, I haven’t been paying much attention to that), I can’t think of a simple way to set it up.

The FreePBX Wiki is your “one-source” for all information on using the system. Check out the “Wiki” tab at the top of the page.

One last thing - once you get this set up, I’d recommend never sending a call directly to the extensions again. Run everything through the queue (except, obviously, for other queues) so that people don’t screw themselves up.

While I understand what you’re saying, you don’t “park a call to an extension”.

You park a call, then another extension can dial the parking spot number and pick it up.

That being said, you don’t have to do any additional set up to make that work, other than the parking area.

If your park code is, for example, 70 (I programmed a call park button on our Yealink phones to park calls), you would transfer the call to 70, and the PBX tells you what parking spot was assigned (i.e. “71”).

Then you go to another extension, dial 71, and you pick up the call.

It’s not extension-specific; you don’t park it on a station, you simply park it, and pick it up somewhere else.