Park button does not light when a call parked

Brand new 10.13.66 64 bit install. However it is linked to a PBXact deployment number. The original PBXact box died. I installed it as FPBX due to necessity in getting it back up and running. Then saw a module or whatever update that said use the pbxact css so I did that. Looks and works great except for the REST-xml Park button. It will park a call but it does not light the BLF like it used to. How do I get that to work again?

BTW, I did have an issue where the Park button did not work at all until I uninstalled the Park Pro module. Not sure why but…

I have the same issue with DND button. They seam not to be connected to each other. REST-xml and the core feature code are not working in sync. When I put a ticket in for this 6 months ago I was told to purchase a new Sangoma phone and I wouldn’t have the issue. Please get this fixed.

Is EPM current:

Upgrade to edge using:

fwconsole ma --edge upgrade endpoint

And ensure that Phone Apps is up to date as well.

Thank you. That worked perfectly. However it lost the pbxactskin module. When I try to enable that again it says no license found.