Park BLF behavior

Hi all,

I’m running 6.12.65-32 with Parking, and EPM I’m seeing unexpected behavior with park BLFs with my Polycom VVX 400 phones.

The lot is set up at 70, with 3 slots. The Polycom button “Park” is BLF-XFER 70, and the lots themselves are BLF 71, etc.

When parking a call, both the Park and the Lot 71 BLFs are lit. I’m not expecting the Park BLF to be active, since the call was paced in the lot.

Is this normal behavior? We usually put the Park button on a horizontal key, which obviously doesn’t have a lamp, but in this case the client wanted the Park button on the BLF soft keys.


A BLF requires a Subscription to the state of whatever is being watched. There is a hint generated for the default lot which will be “BUSY” when a slot is in use, along with the slot’s hint being updated to “BUSY”.

If you BLF the default lot, it will always show in use/busy when one of the slots have a call parked. A BLF button is generally not the best option. I’m guessing they want it more as a line appearance. This should probably be done more as a Speed Dial to send to 70 instead of a BLF.

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