Park and Page Pro Questions

Trying to build this all in the GUI (vs. dial plan) if possible…

If I purchase park and page pro, would I be able to create the following workflow?

  • Caller calls inbound route.
  • Inbound route sends caller to parking lot (a single define lot is okay, but the next space in a group would be ideal).
  • A call goes out to a cellphone number to alert the pbx customer that a caller is waiting (ideally an option to press 1 to connect to the caller).
  • If the caller is not picked up from the lot within X seconds, the caller is played an announcement and transferred to a voicemail box.

One of my questions is what is the best way to park a caller from an inbound route? It doesn’t seem like a selectable destination.

Maybe creating a Misc. Destination with the parking lot number in the to dial string would work?

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If you are looking to do this for individual extensions you could use standard find me/follow me functionality.

You can also use the confirm calls feature in both queues and ring groups.

Unless there is a detail that we are missing, this can be accomplished with standard functionality out of the box without needing to involve paging or parking lots.

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