Park and Announce Caller Message Not Being Recorded

Hi All,

I have set up an time condition for after business hours which is tied to a park and announce, which is supposed to let a user record a message and then we put them in a park to see if we want to answer their call after hours.

Problem is, for some reason, it is asking the caller to record a message but no message gets recorded no matter how many settings I try and change (Max Length, Silence timeout, etc.)

Can someone help me out and let me know what level of debug info would be helpful to try and trace this.


You need to post the pertinent portion of /var/log/asterisk/full so we can see why that VM contexts are failing.

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Here is a paste from the log of a call in question. I called in and although I was talking, no message was recorded and played back. After the announce was made (although there was no caller message) the call was picked up.

The error is here:

specifically “0?Set”

Which means the Set isn’t being set because the logic is: $["${SILENCE}" != “TRUE”].

SILENCE is set here:

because RECORD_STATUS is set to “SILENCE” here

RECORD_STATUS comes directly from the Asterisk recording engine. It appears you have a one-way audio problem

Of note: your “silence recording” is “Thank you Please hold” which is/can be confusing for users (and yourself)

Thanks @tm1000. Yes, I know it is not recording a message and therefore registering silence. However this happens even if I leave a message. Any idea what could be causing this to happen?

This a paste of my park and announce settings. I changed the silence recording as per your suggestion.

That’s my point. YOU think you are recording, but you actually are not. Well Asterisk doesn’t think you are. It’s waiting for you to give it something but you have recorded 30ish seconds of silence.

answer() is executed here:

So it’s not an early media problem.

But Asterisk itself is unable to get the audio when it’s trying to record. Try sending whatever it is inbound to an announcement first then to 510 and see if it works