PAP2 v2 SIP Config Settings

I recently unlocked my PAP2 v2 device for use with my CentPBX, and after reading thru this post:

I realize that same of the setting w/in the PAP2 conflict with Asterisk. The problem with the aforementioned post is that it’s for PAP2 v1, and I am using v2. So my settings don’t look the same.

I need some help getting the proper settings for my PAP2 so that it will work with my CentPBX, here are some screenshots of the PAP2 settings:

I also read in TrixBox Without Tears v2: [quote]Under Dial Plan, change the existing dial plan to (**|*x.|x.) Change Enable IP Dialling to yes."[/quote]

Is Dial Plan the same as “Digit Map”?
And if so do I place “(**|*x.|x.)” including the parentheses?
Also I don’t see IP Dialling anywhere in my settings?

Please help, or at least direct me to info on this.