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I have a FreePBX setup for my parents. As they are elderly, (95 & 86), I would like to be able to set up a “Panic Button” in each room, that would dial my phone and based on the CID I would know it was an emergency. What I would like is a stand alone button, much like in an alarm system, rather than programming a button on a phone. That way, in an emergency there would be no confusion. Is something like this possible? Are such buttons commercially available?

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Eric Something like this would be ideal but not cheap.

A better idea may be to use something like with IFTTT or you could have it send a message to the PBX and originate a call


Interestingly enough, I too have an elderly grandmother who needs something like that…I like … that seems like an awesome solution.

Wow that is an awesome product! Now I need to find out how much!? Just for a gimmick I guess!

This looks like just what I need. I will check it out and post my results.


I finally got around to trying this, It is awsome!! Thanks.

Can you take some photos of it, and post them here? I’m interested!

We have used these in this type of situation

@RichE, so you install a button on the input trigger then dial out to an SMS centre?


You can do or get the unit to dial up to 4 preset numbers and play a recorded message depending on which in put is triggered

For less then $ 75 hardware.
I have made a working setup of a panic button system with a Raspberry Pi 2 and a Piface Digital 2 i/0 board.
The Piface gives you 8 inputs.
Installed asterisk 13 on the Pi2 for the calls.
On the python listener script to the inputs I have made a call scripts which moves an call file to the /var/lib/asterisk/outgoing directory which does a Playback of a soundfile after the call is answered.


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