Panic button solution


I’m looking for an in house panic button solution with IP phones.

I was thinking about assigning a fast dial key on the phones to a designated extension, but I ran into some problems with this. First, when the user presses the fast dial button, the phone switches to speaker phone, and you can hear every sound from the PBX, and also from the called extension after it picks up. Second, If the designated extension is busy, the panic signal may not be received.

So I need to make sure that when a phone calls a special extension, the caller will not hear ANY sound: no dialling tone, no busy tone (should not be busy), no audio at all, even after answering the extension.

Then this called extension should initiate a call to a designated phone, and should play a pre recorded sound file upon picking up. Keep ringing until picked up. The original call at this time can be dropped (again, without the disconnect sound). Preferably the caller ID should be the original phone’s extension number, so the designated phone knows it, but this is optional.

Do you have any suggestion as to how to achieve this, or a very similar behaviour?

Thank you.

Sending pre-recorded audio to a caller is not particularly difficult with some custom code, but ensuring it gets delivered reliably to a destination is the hard part. The commercial module, Voicemail Notification, will work for that by allowing you to dial a list of numbers, and giving the callee to option of accepting the message or not and an email summary at the end.