Panasonic KX-TGP500 DECT can dial out though unable to receive calls

I am bringing this back up as I still have been unable to resolve.

The Panasonic KX-TGP500 DECT endpoint is able to make outgoing calls though I have been unsuccessful at getting the endpoint to receive calls. Actually, if I power-cycle the KX-TGP500, I am able to receive an internal intercom call for about two minutes and then something changes and it goes back to being unable to receive calls.

Attached are the settings as set on the Panasonic

Phone Number
Phone Number 4003
Line ID 4003

SIP Server
Registrar Server Address
Registrar Server Port 5160

Proxy Server Address
Proxy Server Port 5160

Presence Server Address
Presence Server Port 5160

Outbound Proxy Server
Outbound Proxy Server Address
Outbound Proxy Server Port 5160

SIP Service Domain
Service Domain
SIP Source Port
Source Port 5160

SIP Authentication
Authentication ID 4003
Authentication Password ••••••••••••••••

Any assistance would be appreciated. If logs are needed, please let me know what you would like for me to filter on.

Thank you,

It is quite likely that TimeWarner is blocking your SIP traffic

Possibly though all other extensions are working correctly.

I can add that when I turn of VM functionality, all calls go to VM immediately.

Solution you seek is in this thread:

Thank you Overkill for your input. There is a lot of detail in the thread and I am not quite sure which piece I should be looking at.

After several hours with the Sangoma technical support folks, I was finally able to get the phones to work reliably internally.

I had to change the SIP server address to the internal address and NOT the FQDN. Everything else is the same and it does appear to work.

Now the real issue will be getting it to work externally in the wild

Changing to IP and not FQDN indicates a DNS issue…

The issue with those phones is that their registration times out after 2 minutes and doesn’t refresh for a while. Look at changing the registration timeout value on the phone as per the post I linked and that should help.

For posterity’s sake, I was having the same (or similar) lost registration problem with my TGP600.

I set the REG_EXPIRE_TIME_n to 15s, down from the default 3600s. That seems to have done the trick.

If you have the opportunity to test, you could probably get away with up to 120s.

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