PAMI ActionID gets lost when call is transferred

I am trying to orginatecall from web interface to Local Extension, when the local extension for an example 722 picks up the call, customer number is connected next. I am attaching ActionID in the code, action id remains in the event log untill the extension. but it does not attaches itself to the next call transfer.

Code i am using is:
$originateMsg = new OriginateAction(‘SIP/722’);

Below is the log, when customer number is auto dialed/connected from the extension the ActionID becomes null so i can’t track which extension had dialed the customer number

EVENT LOG When Extension Picks up the ring:
ActionID : 123123
ChannelStateDesc: Up
ConnectedLineName: DAHDI/g0/54631345
DestChannel: SIP/722-00006a99
DialStatus: ANSWER
DestContext: from-internal
extension: 54631345

EVENT LOG When Customer Picks up the ring:
ChannelStateDesc: Up
ActionID :
DestCallerIDNum: 223820
ConnectedLineName: CID:223820
DestChannel: DAHDI/i1/54631345-3bf8
DialStatus: ANSWER
DestContext: from-digital
extension: 54631345