Paking Lot Problem

Hello all!
I seem to be having an issue with the parking lot. I have it set up properly as it seems to work, however, when I hit the transfer button and the code it then takes 3-5 seconds before I get the number back from the operator of where the call was parked. Then when I pick up the other phone and dial the number of where the call was parked it takes another 3-5 seconds before the call is picked up.

Call comes in: Hello (blah blah blah let me transfer you …)
Switchboard hits: xfer-90
period of time: 3-5 seconds
pbxoperator says: "91"
Person I transfered to: picks up line dials 91
period of time: 3-5 seconds to connect to the call from parking lot
Person I transfered to - to caller: “Hello! How are you”

How can I shorten this 3-5 second delay each way?

Thanks all for your time!

Are you using 9 to get a trunk. If so you need to change your park code to be a different number. I have my park code set to 100 and the park pickup codes range from 101 to 120.


I am using a 90 and park pickup codes ranging from 91-93

Try 70, and 71-78. Then report back to us if the problem persists.

I tryed 70, and 71-75. 80, 81-85 … etc. Still have the same problem.

Thanks for the replies! I hope to sort this out.

I can tell you that this is not normal behavior. Without more information, such as which Distro, version, and Asterisk logs, you’re not likely to get more help.