Paid EPM not creating or rebuilding config files (for yealink)

Different pbx than yesterday. There is something weird going on here. First off, no matter how many ways I try, it just will not generate a config file. Tried the following:

-deleting the device from the EPM and adding it in the extension. This at least gets the phone registered and showing in the extension mapping. The phone still has the old config file in it, so it works for now.
-uninstalling the old OSS EPM rather than just leaving it disabled
-uninstalling the paid EPM and reinstalling
-deleting the entire extension and reading
-upgrading the paid EPM to the latest level
-verified the owner/permissions for /tftpboot
-deleting all the old firmware and other files associated with the OSS EPM (y000000, XXX.rom, etc)
-deleting the old config files. Now they aren’t there at all, rather than just not being updated.

None of the above seem to have any affect. Any ideas? I’m thinking this is something stupid. For example I had to allow tftp provisioning to get the pbx to download the firmware file. Hoping its just some setting that may have been set differently with the OSS EPM that I missed.

Currently upgrading all the modules.

FreePBX 13.0.49
PBX Firmware: 10.13.66-6

Nevermind, I think I found it. Probably a browser issue (Edge). It looked like V70 Style was highlighted for Config Style, but it wasn’t actually selected. I have a similar problem when adding devices via the extension page, where it will default to the first available brand but until I click on the drop down and click on the brand I cant select a model.