PagingPro Bug - Extensions Prefixed with Zero

In the process of testing ParkingPro, I discovered a possible bug with PagingPro. On my home PBX (running PBX in a Flash with Asterisk 1.8.12 and FreePBX 2.11.0 beta 2.8) I have a few Cisco endpoints which require a dedicated line for auto-answer. To keep it simple, I created the primary extension (224 in this case) and a secondary that is auto-answered regardless of SIP INFO, Caller ID, etc. That extension is 0224. If I select either 224 or 0224 in the PagingPro UI when creating/modifying a page group, and save, when the page reloads, both extensions are present. If you need more information, please let me know.


Please see below, bugs & Features. The developers do not monitor the forums.

That’s odd. Tony Lewis, the one who invited me to test Parking/Page Pro told me that this was the only place that they DO monitor. “Please report any bugs or feedback to as that is the only place we monitor Commercial Module feedback”

In the ParkingPro module, it says report bugs to, but there is no commercial module category there for me to choose.

Yes we monitor this for Commercial Modules. Your issue here is not with paging pro but paging itself as paging pro just adds options to normal page groups in FreePBX. You can confirm this by disabling paging pro and trying. If it still happens can you open a bug at please.

I assumed it was part of PagingPro because I didn’t remember the fancy GUI for adding extensions. Hadn’t looked at 2.11 before installing the new modules. The bug persists, even with PagingPro disabled. Will report it on Trac.


Ticket 6482 opened.